My son’s birthday is next month and we’re hosting a little luncheon to celebrate the big 3. Unfortunately, a couple of our friends can’t make it, but they are so sweet because they suggested we have a little pre-party for him now while we’re all in town. So with 5 small children between us 3 women, we had an awesome pool party with cupcakes, presents, and, of course, a cheese plate.

This cheese plate featured Salt Spring Island Cheese’s Basil Chèvre. The first thing to note with this cheese is that it’s gorgeous. Two basil leaves and a splash of olive oil top of a round of the cleanest, freshest tasting chèvre. The cheese’s flavor is quite mild with just the slightest tang. The basil and olive oil add an interesting characteristic that is distinctive, but broadly compatible.


I could see this cheese adding something to a variety of cheese plates, but for this plate I decided to make the herbs the flavor focus. Since chèvre is so soft, it’s nice to have crunch to add a complexity of texture to the plate. For this, I chose marcona almonds that had been blanched in olive oil and seasoned with sea salt and rosemary. I also wanted a bit of bite to bring out some of the tang in the cheese, so I warmed some castelvetrano olives and roasted red peppers with olive oil, garlic, lemon, and thyme. This condiment, plus the chèvre and Elki’s Sea Salt crostini from Posh Pantry was so delicious it’s going to become one of my go-to appetizers!

What Made the Plate?

  1. Salt Spring Island Cheese Basil Chèvre
  2. Elki’s Sea Salt Crostini
  3. Rosemary marcona almonds
  4. Warm roasted red pepper and castelvetrano condiment (based on Cadry’s Kitchen’s recipe)