Cheers, witches – it’s nearly Halloween and to celebrate, I’ve made a ghoulish cheese plate that features some sinful selections.

The cheese featured on this plate is Prairie Sunset, Havarti, and Devils on Horseback. Prairie Sunset is from Roth Cheese in Wisconsin. This firm cheese has a mild flavor that is slightly sweet. I found its beautiful, orange hue to be perfect for a Halloween plate. I also included Havarti on the plate because it’s a semi-firm cheese that you can easily shape. I wanted a white cheese that I could cut into claw-like triangles, and Havarti was the perfect selection for that. The final cheese on the plate is goat cheese which is inside dates that are wrapped in bacon. These are called Devils on Horseback and they’re a crowd-pleasing appetizer that is crazy easy to make. Simply stuff the dates with cheese, wrap with bacon, then roast for 20 mins at 400 degrees. I chose to stuff the dates with fresh goat cheese, but you can use all sorts of cheese for this hors d’oeuvres, like ricotta or stilton.


The non-cheese items on this plate are pomegranates, apples, soppressata, seed crackers, and relish. The crackers are Savoury Sunflower from local food company Eve’s Crackers. These dairy and gluten-free seed crackers are quite tasty and an excellent addition to a cheese plate. Another local company represented on the plate is Hellish Relish by She Devil Delights. This is one of my favorite relishes – it’s the perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and savory. This goes well with charcuterie and medium to full-flavored cheese.

What Made the Plate?

1.       Prairie Sunset
2.       Havarti
3.       Devils on Horseback
4.       Soppressata
5.       Pomegranates
6.       Apples
7.       Hellish Relish
8.       Eve’s Crackers – Savoury Sunflower